Financial advisory

We have noticed that medium and small companies, including startups, face certain challenges (if not problems) in their business. Financing their idea so that it becomes a profitable service or product is one of the first obstacles for small companies and startups. It is often difficult for small and medium-sized business owners to discern between the advantages and disadvantages of different types of financing. When they decide to sell their company, they face difficulties with timely and adequate preparation for the sale process. Some owners are not satisfied with the efficiency of its management board members in charge of the financial management of the company, or more often, due to size, they do not have such a board member.

If you find yourself in any of these descriptions and need corporate financial advisory, we can help you with:

  • CFO function outsourcing, whether it is temporary or part-time per month (eg. preparing monthly reports and meeting with management on a monthly basis);
  • support in negotiations with investors and / or banks;
  • preparation of investment studies;
  • assistance in performing due diligences (due diligence of the target company in acquisitions or due diligence of one’s own company in sales processes);
  • consulting and preparation of companies for the sale process (preparation of teasers, information memorandums, budgets, etc.);
  • company valuation or valuation of certain assets or segments of the company;
  • financial restructuring advice;
  • consulting related to compliance, internal controls and business processes / systems;
  • other corporate financial advisory services.